Shower Arms

// series

Some components included in the following products may be of extra-european origin. Teorema guarantees the quality standards, so the warranty is applied to all products and components included.

Designer //

  • Wts Lab Design

Finishing available //

  • Chrome ..11

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15229

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15884

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15230

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15885

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15231

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15886

Shower Arm

Cod: 15235

SLIM Shower Arm

Cod: 15881

SLIM Shower Arm

Cod: 15236

SLIM Shower Arm

Cod: 15882

SLIM Shower Arm

Cod: 15237

SLIM Shower Arm

Cod: 15883

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15259

AIR Shower Arm

Cod: 15247

SQUARE Shower Arm

Cod: 15322

Shower Arm

Cod: 15254


Cod: 15336

5 Jets Shower Arm

Cod: D1960

Brass shower head FLAT D=300x300 mm SQUARE

Cod: 01487

Brass shower head FLAT D=250x250 mm SQUARE

Cod: 01485

Brass Shower head FLAT D=300 mm ROUND

Cod: 01486

Brass shower head FLAT D=250 mm ROUND

Cod: 01480

Wall mounted shower arm RECTANGULAR L=380 mm

Cod: 03244

Ceiling mounted shower arm SQUARE L=200 mm - 25X25

Cod: 03250

Ceiling mounted shower arm SQUARE L=100 mm - 25X25

Cod: 03241

Ceiling mounted shower arm ROUND L=100 mm - D23

Cod: 03248

Wall mounted shower arm ROUND L=410 mm WITH ANGLE

Cod: 03247

MOON hand shower with 2 functions with square waterfall jet

Cod: 01491

Wall mounted shower arm ROUND L=330 mm D25 STRAIGHT

Cod: 03246

STAR shower with 2 functions with round waterfall jet

Cod: 01494

Brass shower head FLAT D=400x400 mm SQUARE

Cod: 01489

Brass shower head D=195x195 mm SQUARE

Cod: 01488

ABS shower head D=250x250 mm SQUARE

Cod: 01495

ABS shower head D=200x200 mm SQUARE

Cod: 01490

Brass Shower head FLAT D=400 mm ROUND

Cod: 01481

Brass shower head D=225 mm ROUND

Cod: 01496

ABS shower head D=250 mm ROUND

Cod: 01476

ABS shower head D=220 mm ROUND

Cod: 01483

Wall mounted shower arm SQUARE L=400 mm

Cod: 03245

Ceiling mounted shower arm ROUND L=200 mm - D23

Cod: 03249

Ceiling mounted shower arm ROUND L=40 mm - D22

Cod: 03243
Teorema strenghts
Long-las ng double interlock exible hose in order to guarantee a long life and resistence to the strains and torsions.
Silver Touch
Silver Flexible Hose: the special plas c material used suggests the metal e ect and combines a unique resistance togheter with a re ned design. An -torsion connec on for a very easy use.
Easy Flowing
Cartridge tested in our laboratories with more than 70.000 cycles as stated by the European standards. The dura on and easy owing are guaranteed.