CODE Bath Mixer

Codice : 72150

Teorema strenghts
Silver Touch
Silver Flexible Hose: the special plas c material used suggests the metal e ect and combines a unique resistance togheter with a re ned design. An -torsion connec on for a very easy use.
Quick Stop
Click Clack pop up waste. Without e rod. Useful and fast. With an essen al design allows in one touch the opening and the closure.
Easy Flowing
Cartridge tested in our laboratories with more than 70.000 cycles as stated by the European standards. The dura on and easy owing are guaranteed.
Double Plate
Accurate produc ve process to guarantee the best resistance to the usury and brightness. All Teorema faucets are Double Plate, which are characterized by a double chrome pla ng and nickel pla ng to grant the product a long life.
Pure Water Process
PWP is a technological process of chrome pla ng to reduce the presence of toxic metals:
-85% release of lead to water compared to an untreated product
-95% release of nickel to water compared to an untreated product