Wash basin mixer

Cod: 8E301

High wash basin mixer with clic clac waste

Cod: 8E341

Bidet mixer

Cod: 8E401

Wall mounted basin mixer with clic clac waste

Cod: 8E312

Wall mounted basin mixer 2 pcs with clic clac waste

Cod: 8E318

Bath mixer with shower set

Cod: 8E150

Bath mixer without shower set

Cod: 8E160

Shower set

Cod: 03235

Shower mixer with shower set

Cod: 8E200

shower mixer without shower set

Cod: 8E210

Universal concealed body

Cod: 03107

Plate and handle

Cod: 8E007

Universal concealed body with diverter

Cod: 03117

Plate and handle

Cod: 8E017
Teorema strenghts
Silver Touch
Silver Flexible Hose: the special plas c material used suggests the metal e ect and combines a unique resistance togheter with a re ned design. An -torsion connec on for a very easy use.
Quick Stop
Click Clack pop up waste. Without e rod. Useful and fast. With an essen al design allows in one touch the opening and the closure.
Easy Flowing
Cartridge tested in our laboratories with more than 70.000 cycles as stated by the European standards. The dura on and easy owing are guaranteed.
Always Clear
Teorema uses NEOPERL aerator, leader in the market, which avoid the lime forma on and guarantee an easier maintenance.
Double Plate
Accurate produc ve process to guarantee the best resistance to the usury and brightness. All Teorema faucets are Double Plate, which are characterized by a double chrome pla ng and nickel pla ng to grant the product a long life.
Unpolluted Water System
Thanks to the special internal components of the taps, the new UWS technology guarantees to the end user the certainty to bene t from water completely devoid from the remains of lead and other metals damaging for the health. This avant-garde technology allows us to respect the new interna onal regula ons NSF/ANSI 61, which impose the reduc on of the admissible standards for the contamina on of the drinkable water caused by lead.