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Teorema, a unique design.

Teorema, a unique design.

All the lines of Teorema designer faucets have a common denominator: functionality.
Each product is designed to respect the aesthetics standard, time and the environment, with a look toward the trends of the moment and faithful, at the same time, to the traditional Teorema style.



Teorema design can’t be taken away from its eco-oriented philosophy; that’s why significant resources are invested in research and technologies which can enable the production of beautiful and innovative faucets in respect of an ethical even before aesthetical conception.

Thanks to the taps Teorema and some of its lines fresh and versatile, XS and Lillo to name a few, it’s easy to customize home environments giving them a touch of unique contemporary style.

We project and create taps. Beautiful, functional and carefully studied. Teorema is the brand printed on a product, created with the best materials which challenge the time and distinguish themselves for the details. Every line, curve and element tells the history of a brand, which represents the essence of the Teorema: quality, reliability and design.