Teorema presents the XS collection : “The Elegance dimension”


XS is a classical and elegant tap. “The Elegance Dimension”, this is the payoff which supports the launch of the new line, an innate refinement perfectly comparable to the one of the high heels, which is an evergreen icon of style and seduction. Thanks to its minimal and refined style, XS is the answer to the request of the customers in terms of aesthetical needs with an attractive price for the market.

All the aesthetical features are perfectly combined with a cutting edge technological device, which became a peculiarity of the product, that is the model of the aerator. Thanks to this special aerator, it is possible to adjust the flow rate with just the touch of a finger.

The XS is proposed, beyond the traditional chrome finishing, also in gold and satin nickel version.

The XS collection has been realized with the technological devices that reflect the corporate philosophy of Teorema; that is aim to a social responsible and sustainable water consumption. Indeed, XS  allow a huge water saving and a maximum environment respect thanks to the Water Saving Philosophy, which saves 10 liters a day per person (compared with 25 liters on average from a conventional tap), with a total water saving of 3650 liters per year.